The School provides the facilities, resources and teachers appropriate for each stage of the student’s education. We place strong emphasis on conventional academic skills in conjunction with the all round development of students through extra-curricular activities. We are sensitive to the needs of those students who are not academically inclined, since our aim is to bring out the hidden potential in every child. Teachers attend workshops to hone up their skills and to keep abreast with changing trends in education.We have a committed and well-qualified teaching staff, who organise a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The school believes in encouraging a common desire for learning among all students. December 10th, observed as Human Rights Day is given significance. As also the international day of the girl child. We try to sensitise students and instil in them a feeling of empathy & sympathy with the less fortunate. Communal harmony, racism, discrimination, the right to education, the dignity of the girl child, bonded labour, child labour,cancer patients are but a few of our projects. We invite well-known personalities from different walks of life to talk to students on their subjects of interest. We also introduce our students to the many available career options by inviting speakers from different professions. We expose our students to good classical music and the arts.

We give equal opportunity to all our students to learn and perform. Music, dance, debates, elocution, Yoga, sports and games, art,quiz, chess, Karate, nature club and theatre are but a few of the activities students are encouraged to participate in. We also organise field trips,excursions and picnics. Students participate in inter house and inter School competitions on a regular basis. We believe parents are equal partners in their children’s education as home assignments and other interests followed beyond school hours are part of a continuous process of learning. We hope parents will support our efforts at home so as to help children grow up in an atmosphere of learning.Parents are given regular updates on their children, to help them keep abreast of their progress at school. We encourage parents to interact with teachers to foster good relations between the school and parents.

We promote high achievement and learning for life by working with every individual to value, trust and respect everybody. We place a particular emphasis on the development of qualities of leadership and teamwork.

Age of the institute

School came into existence in April, 2015. It is affiliated with Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education, Dharamshala with Affiliation No. 19725 and school code 4707.

Detail of Infrastructure:

Detail of building:-

Sr.No. Purpose of rooms No. of rooms
1. Principal room 01
2. Staff room 01
3. Library 01
4. Laboratory 04
5. Class rooms 17
6. Activity room 1
7. Sports room 1
8. Rest room 1

Detail of toilets:-

Sr.No. Toilets No. of toilets
1. Boys 03
2. Boys Urinal 03
2. Girls 03
3. Staff male 01
4. Staff female 01

Detail of furniture:-

Sr. No. Item Quantity
1. Desk two seater 130
2. Desk three seater 90
3. Office chair 25
4. Table 07
5. Almirah steel 05
6. Stool 10
7. Green Board 20
8. Computers 11
9. Water purifier cum cooler 01
10. Ceiling Fan 25
11. Smart TV 04