Principal's Message

On behalf of everyone at Sai Star Senior Secondary School, Dhalpur, I welcome you to the website. I encourage you to explore our site and discover everything our school has to offer. The launching of website heralds the entry of the school into an IT age, facilitating our students to rightfully take their place in IT run in their daily lives and in learning.

Our mission is to develop responsible citizens and leaders through academic excellence . I am proud of our community including teachers, members of staff, parents and friends of the school who collaborate effectively towards the goal.

School enjoys cordial relationship with community around, locals, business and working community are stakeholders of the school. The school has managed to run smoothly because they have lent a hand in development . The school recognises their role and extends her unlimited gratitude to them for all the support. They have rendered over the yrs and we still hope they will not be exhausted in this noble cause.

I would like to conclude by thanking everybody who participated towards development of website in one way to another and those who will continue updating contents of this website.


Anjna Devi

Sai Star Senior Secondary School, Gandhinagar Kullu